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What is an ASHE Band set and why should I use it?

It is a set of material blend resistance bands and a power band. 

The ASHE resistance bands can be used for strength training, rehabilitation and improving form.  These will ensure that you are activating your glutes and that you do not over compensate in other areas which could possibly lead to injury.  These bands can be used on their own or in your weighted workouts at the gym.

The ASHE Power band can be used for stretching and upper body resistance training.


What are the ASHE Band sets made of?

Our ASHE resistance bands are a blend of 55% Polyester and 45% Latex.  We also have the ASHE Power band which is 100% Latex.


Do the ASHE resistance bands roll, slip or pinch?

When we created these sets, we took the most annoying thing about latex bands and got rid of it!  Our ASHE bands will not roll, slip or pinch due to the double layer of latex (or grippy liner) so they will stay in place throughout your whole workout. 


What if I have never used resistance bands before?  How do I use them?

If you have never used these before we recommend starting on the Large (black) bands as this is a lighter resistance and work your way through to the Small (grey) band. 

With the bands, the sky is limit when it comes to workout.  Sign up to our Newsletter as we will be releasing monthly workouts that will show you what the possibilities are.  And to take the thinking out of your workout and providing variety.


How do I look after my ASHE resistance bands?  Can I wash them?

To care for your ASHE bands, please follow the care instructions below:

  • Cold water hand wash. Do not machine wash
  • Do not tumble dry. Hang out to dry after rinsing thoroughly
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Make sure bands are cleaned properly, dried thoroughly and packed neatly if being stored.

I paid a different amount to what was on the website?  Why is that?

If you are outside of Australia, our currency converter is only an indication of what the price will be.  The final amount may differ slightly from the amount displayed as all purchases are charged in AUD.

I have a question about something else

We want to help you!  So please email us at info@ashefitness.com